⚠️Mistakes I made as a designer

Pratyush Kumar
2 min readNov 21, 2022


I’m super excited 🤩 to have you here!

Life’s too short to learn from your own mistakes. So learn from others.”

Today I’ll be revealing the mistakes I made as a newbie designer.

so that you never make these mistakes again

[If you don’t have enough time you can scroll down for the summary👇🏻]

⚠️Mistake 1: Designing too much at first.

I am also a passionate designer like you, and I love designing stuff.

And I have not been to any design school🏫 and don’t own a fancy design degree📔.

So during the beginning of every project, I used to design every single feature in an app/website without implementing the basic features.

It might look like a great thing, but it’s not.

Because a good design comes after a series of iterations.

And figuring out how every feature should interact and how every edge case should look is really hard.

So start by making a simple version of the next feature you want to build.

⚠️Mistake 2: Not using a design system

I know you must be thinking, "What is the use of design as a beginner or at the beginning of a project.

Because creating a design system does not excite me, I used to design without one in the beginning, and I ended up making a lot of mistakes and causing confusion.

Making and using a design system will make your designs 10 times faster and more accurate.

And you don’t have to define all the stuff ahead of time. Just make sure you’re approaching design with a system-focused mindset.

⚠️Mistake 3: Focusing more on layout rather than the feature

In the beginning of every project, I used to invest a lot of time in deciding “Should it have a top nav, or sidebar?” etc., etc., which led to frustration.

But later, I realized an app or a website is actually a collection of features, so let’s focus on designing for the feature first, and the layout will depend more or less on the feature and the functionality.

To summarize the whole newsletter:

  1. Design is an iterative process so don’t design too must at the beginning.
  2. Develop your Design-system approach mindset.
  3. Focus on designing the feature rather than the shell/layout.



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